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02/05/21 (11s)- Waterhead Warriors 32 vs Portico Panthers 44

A chilly Waterhead was the remote venue for the first game of new under 11’s side. Having not played since March 2020, the Panthers were eager to score and did so with a great try in the opening set from Sam Lomax, who also kicked over the conversion. The game swung evenly between the two teams, with both sides exchanging tries without a conversion missed.

The game still hung in the balance at half time, the two sides evenly matched, but the second half was to tell a different story! The Panthers again opened the scoring which was countered by a determined Waterhead attack, but the resolute Panthers defence held them out and they never looked back!

The Panthers unwavering defence persisted and they scored back-to-back tries to finish the game 12 points the better. The fluid attack and flawless kicking were a joy to see, but the effort in defence and the smiles on the players faces having not played for over a year was the highlight of the day!

Debuts and special mentions to three new Panthers; Lewis Coatsworth, Dillion Williams, and Adam Emmett. The final score at Waterhead, Warriors 32 – Panthers 44.


Harry Leonard (3)

Joel Nash (2)

Hallie Segar (1)

Alfie Gent (1)

Sam Lomax (1)

Lucas Molyneux (1)


Connor Ryan (3)

Sam Lomax (2)

Joel Nash (2)

Lucas Molyneux (1)

Alfie Gent (1)


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