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Further thanks this evening - this time for a monumental team effort in cleaning, scrubbing, building, painting and fitting by some of our amazing volunteers.

Our Clubhouse Manager, Diane Rotherham, DPS Alex Manweiler, Treasurer Angela Thomas and the fantastic team completed a full stocktake, updated systems, records and ensured all kitchen equipment was sparkling clean ahead of the new season.

Secretary Sean Furlong has been busy making improvements to internal sound systems, internet signal and heating systems.

Our storeroom was extended and new wall painted - thanks once again to our loyal friends at Bagnalls.

Electrical work commenced on the older building damaged by recent flooding. Huge thanks to key volunteer Darren Leonard for organising and off course to the responding team.

Take shape landscaping/fencing have played another key role fitting a new eco drainage system. Paul Huston, Ian Skerry and Billy Vaughan amoungst others giving up their valuable time to support the ongoing maintenance.

The Senior Committee met for close to 3 hours to devise a clear action plan ahead of the new season. Huge thanks to all attendees.

Martin Hughes continues to lead our social media transformation and ensures website is fully up to date - all in his spare time.

Coaches are back doing what they do best on the fields with their fantastic back room support preparing for the new season.

All of the unseens are as equally as important as what takes place on the pitch! 2023 - it’s going to be a cracker 💚💛💚💛


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