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Oliver Youens Joins Portico Vine ARLFC U8s as Assistant Coach

Portico Vine ARLFC are delighted to share the news with our supporters that Oliver has been appointed U8s Assistant Coach. This exciting development comes as we are delighted to welcome Oliver back the club as part of his rehabilitation having been diagnosed with Perthes’ disease.

Oliver joined the Cubs and wider Portico Vine family in 2021 and it was evident back then that this boy had special talents. His passing, speed, skill and agility was there for all to see. Earning medals, superstar certificates and showcasing his ethos for team work and friendship qualities, his journey was cruelly brought to a sudden halt.

Perthes’ disease is an uncommon condition that affects children between the ages of 3-11. Blood supply to the head of the thigh bone is disrupted which causes the bone to deteriorate. This can cause pain, limping and limited movement of the hip joint. Oliver has since gone through major surgery.

Last night, after a long and unimaginable absence, Oliver returned to Portico Vine, donning his Green and Gold kit with rugby ball in hand and a huge smile on his face. What a sight that lit up up the fields considering it was already a warm and bright summers evening! What many take for granted, throwing the ball back and forth with him all of a sudden became magical 🥰.

His rehabilitation continues before he can get back to fully doing what he loves - playing rugby league at Portico Vine. However, Oliver will support coaches Ben and Callum Latimer during training sessions and matches whenever he can, offering inspiration and encouragement to his teammates.

Welcome back Oliver, the club is in a far better place with you and your family back at Scholes Lane



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