Busy Doing Nothing

Last night I completed my 5th and final presentation evening for the u18s at the St Helens police club. (Tuesday 23rd November)

What fabulous night it was and it was also a very emotional night as we've come to end of this part of our journey.

I been attached to the u18s since they were at u13s level and to be honest it's been an incredible journey for us all their nickname is simply "Kurt's Poet's" and they will always be referred to as that for evermore. 💚💛

These lads were disbanded by a previous coach and Kurt Latimer took up the challenge to knock on every single lads door and beg them all to come back to Portico Vine. One by one they returned after King Kurt hounded the players and their parents NEVER taking no for an answer he rebuilt the team week by week telling me Billy I've got four players now.

The next time we spoke it was 6 then 9 and so on, and night after night he dragged Lorraine his wife with him out into the freezing dark nights banging on doors and selling the kids and the families the Portico Dream.

Kurt's determination and belief in the dream lured them all back and truly my dear friend had become the Pied Piper of Portico. I've never heard or seen a man with more passion for the game and it was an absolute honour for me when he asked me to come onboard and assist him because his determination made me realise "I'd go to war along side this man" and it was Kurt who nicknamed me "Pop's".

As most people know we sadly lost King Kurt and I made him a promise that I would carry on with his dream and for those who really know me know I'm a man of my word. It's been a very up & down journey with some lads coming and going and then returning to Portico, and one season we went unbeaten all season winning the league then the next season we hardly won a game it was a real challenge.

But this was a challenge we all took up together and some coaches and assistant coaches come and went but WE as a team all forged an unbroken bond towards King Kurt. I enticed Ste Connelly to join us Ste is the dad of one of our biggest characters Nathan Connelly then we enticed Callum Latimer King Kurt's son to join the coaching staff and very quickly we realised we were on the right road. The three amigo's totally agreed the way forward was to get Kurt's Poet's laughing again and seeing them with big smiles on their faces and to get them enjoying the game again and to enjoy coming to training and we certainly achieved that.

I'd like to personally thank Ste Connelly & Callum Latimer as these two lads are two of the nicest & considerate individuals I've been blessed to call my dear friends and without them I'd never have achieved King Kurt's dream.

We all laughed last night and we reminisced about the funny times we all encountered on our journey everyone had a different tale to tell but we all agreed on one thing we're all Kurt's Poet's.


The Captain 💚💛🙏 Billy Vaughan Vice Chairman