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💚💛***Chairman’s Update***💚💛 So in exactly one weeks time, we will be on the eve of the grand opening of our new clubhouse. It’s been a long time coming - over 25 years I’m led to believe (by the loyal volunteers who have stayed with the club throughout this period). It will go down as the biggest project ever managed by a small group of volunteers in the history of Portico Vine. Whilst many, many people have been involved in the club in countless guises over the years, I must formally recognise the steering project team who have made our dreams become a reality. These people have sacrificed so much family time and dedicated so much spare time to this project over the last three years. They have used annual leave from work, rearranged other commitments and attending meetings now numbering triple figures. Over recent months with timeframes reducing, they have communicated together in person, sent hundreds of emails, thousands of text messages, spoke daily and spent more time than they care to remember on MS Teams. You would not believe how much energy and raw passion they have pumped into this project, nor how much red tape they have cut through, nor how many departments and organisations we have had to deal with. They have ensured the past, present and future is encapsulated. Why? Simply because they care. They care about this club, the people of this club, the future of the club but more importantly, they wish to provide the very best for children who share the love of rugby league. The steering committee have been well supported by members of the sub committee, coaches, parents, guardians, supporters and sponsors. There have been many selfless volunteers contribute to the success of the project and have put their hands up to staff inside when needed. But I can’t emphasise enough that without the following people, who I hope you will thank in your own way, Portico Vine would not be the proud owners of such a magnificent and unrivalled new clubhouse. Led by project manager David Hobin, the team compromised of Billy Vaughan, Angela Thomas, Sean Furlong, Tracey Leung-Fullerton, Karen Smith, Anthony Rotherham, Alex Manweiler and Stewart Meechan. I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed first hand, every day for three years just what these special people have achieved. I am beyond proud of them. Finally it would be remiss of me not to thank the partners and loved ones of the steering committee. They are the unsung hero’s who have kept domestic life going and enabled the steering committee to achieve the impossible. 21st May 2022 will be the day Our Dream Came True. Our children really deserve this and I hope their children retell the tale and their children after that.


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