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Delighted to announce the next featured sponsor is John Stone who has kindly sponsored this seasons U9s kit. A long term and loyal sponsor, here is his story in his own words....

1. Who are you and what do you do?

John Stone - owner of Stone Tyres and Gorilla Tyres.

2. Why do you give back to your local community?

I give back to the local community because I was raised on a council estate (huyton) from a broken family with very limited funds. Always growing up with hand me downs or having to do without. I love the fact that I am in a position to make a difference for other people. Whether that is buying kits, paying for people to have their car washed to help the neighbouring business, donating to charity or sponsoring someone/thin it genuinely gives me a great feeling of satisfaction

3. Why choose Portico Vine ARLFC?

I fell in love with Portico from day 1 when Dave O Dowd came to see me. Bear in mind as a business I am asked for sponsorship nearly every week. ( times out of 10 there is never any return on the investment other than the feel good factor, which is great too.. At the time he asked for £500... quite a lot for a small business when we had not long moved to the new site on college street.. I asked for something in return. Get me 1 facebook page like for each £1. I thought it would take months... It took weeks. Proper community feeling, everyone got involved and got behind the club.. When people ask me for sponsorship now I retell the story, none of them accept the challenge! The club feels more like a family than a "club" Everyone helps out from top to bottom and I am so proud to be a part of it. I will ALWAYS support Portico from the sidelines and financially whenever I can.

4. Where can we find details of your business/organisation?

Both of the businesses Stone Tyres and Gorilla Tyres have Facebook, Instagram pages and google business listings. Stone Tyres is already dominating the North West so we dont need any help with that.. but if anyone wants to help me grow Gorilla Tyyres please like the FB page, follow us on Instagaram and if you have used our services please leave a review on the google or fb page. I look forward to continuing and growing my support of Portico for the foreseeable future.



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