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Hello everybody.

After your help please.

You may have seen our Open Age Team have selflessly began organising a fantastic fundraiser for Willowbrook Hospice and The Young Lives Foundation. This is what our club is all about! Doing things for others!

Whilst we have our own fundraising challenges, we are dedicated, and committed, to Working WITH the Community, FOR the Community.

The event takes place on Saturday 22nd July 2023. If you can (or know of anyone who can) provide us with some raffle prizes to help our Open Age team maximise funds on the night, please can you comment below, or even tag in people / businesses / organisations who you think may.

The organisers, particularly Ian Skerry Jnr, have really gone out of their way to put this on for the named charities, so any help will be massive and we will ensure you/they are duely recognised.





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