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Dear all

it's our second 1st of the week with our Portico video being shown on the Saint's Community Foundation website and we also had our 1st Zoom male mental health session.

We had 10 Portico participants both male & female and the session was organised by Saint's via Chris Chamberlain and was hosted by Johnny Lawless ex Halifax & Sheffield also Shaun Lunt ex Castleford & Leeds.

It was an incredible enlightelment into the need to know more about mental health issues and to talk to people who you can help or they can help you and others.

The stigma that surrounds metal heath is unforgiving because generally it's based on a lack of knowledge like most other stigmas.

We were all impressed with the presentation & how it was presented and the feedback was brilliant by everyone who participated.

Johnny Lawless finished the session by saying tomorrow I want everyone to please ring two people you haven't spoken to for a long time.

If you do you will make a difference..!

Well I did I rung Dave Derham a pal who looks after his wife who has had a long term illness.

I also rung Stan Gordon another pal who has just gone through a divorce.

Well we all laughed we joked and we reminisced and we've all agreed to meet up after Covid-19 is over.

Dave said to me Billy you've made my day how lovely is that.

Everyone please ring someone you've not spoken to for a long time.

"make their day"

God love you all 😍

(Billy Vaughan Vice Chairman)

The Captain x


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