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It is with great delight that we reveal May’s Volunteers of the Month award as selected by fellow volunteers, members and supporters.

It’s a ‘match’ made in every sense of the word. Mr and Mrs Rotherham are two huge cogs in an ever expanding machine. Holding several roles at the club and regularly performing countless ‘unseens’, they are two of the most selfless humans I’ve ever met.

Rumour has it one has a green wedding ring and the other a gold one. Whether that’s to believed or not is irrelevant. They are green and gold through and through. Many congratulations Anthony and Diane.

It’s been an action packed month, so it would be remiss of me not to place on record my sincere thanks to everybody who has volunteered, in many guises this month. Truly worked as One Team and everything we did and achieved was with the community, for the community.

Hobes 💚💛

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