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(Scotch Robbie) as he was known to all his friends.

Robbie was without doubt a key stone to the success of Portico Vine as we know it today and without him and the his devoted friends the birth of Portico Vine may not have taken place so we all owe Robbie a huge dept of gratitude.

Our kids who are happily playing the game today don't realise that without Robbie's dream and desire to create a local team that gives kids opportunities and a chance of a better life, they may not be playing our beloved game today.

Robbie along side Tony and all those other local hero's made this pipedream a reality and that's exactly why we've got what we have today without the dream there may not have been the future.

So if you knew Robbie or not please raise a glass to a fantastic man who had a fabulous dream and turned that dream into what we have today.

RIP Robbie Meechan Local Hero Dream Maker & True Portico Legend 💚💛

Billy Vaughan

Vice Chairman

The Captain 🙏💚💛


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