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Dear all,

where do we start to show our gratitude after a yet another tremendous day at Scholes Lane.

The chairman and myself were determined to bring some happiness to Portico Vine for our children & parents who have probably had the worst 18+ months of their lives.

Hobes and myself discussed all the pro's & con's of bringing large numbers of people together and we both agreed with the right control measures our kids deserve a good time.

The next step was to engage with our close contacts at

St Helens Rugby League Club and to arrange a Family Fun Day lead by Jenny Welsby and her commcunity foundation team along with "Boots" the club mascot and they delivered a fabulous fun packed day for both our children and parents.

We had 48 children of all ages who attended the family fun day and Jenny Welsby said it was the most they've had this season so well done to everyone for making the effort which lead to a brilliant day.

The children all did a multitude of different disciplines and they were laughing and screaming with delight and every child left red faced and we'll lathered as they never stopped..!

We had approximately 12 new children who attended the session today and 4 of them were girls who were immediately asked if they would consider joining our girls rugby section and all of them said YES..!

Our gratitude goes out to all the coaches & volunteers who yet again gave up their own time to makes sure this day was a huge success.

A personal thank you goes out to our Patti & Alex for their brilliant camera skills thank god it wasn't left to me 🤦‍♂️and a big thank you to Jill for running the café supplying hot & cold drinks to the masses.

Finally if we didn't have such a great relationship with St Helens Rugby League Club this just wouldn't have happened so may our links grow even stronger and we as a club grow even bigger as it's all about working with the community for the community.

One Team One Dream 💚💛😇

Love you all The Captain x

(Billy Vaughan Vice Chairman)


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