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I would like to thank everybody who made the effort to attend the clubs AGM this evening. A wonderful review of 2022 and outlining plans for an even bigger and better 2023.

I congratulate and welcome Karen Smith who was appointed as my Vice Chair, Sue Skerry who was voted in as the Lead Childwelfare Officer and Diane Rotherham who was formally appointed the Clubhouse Manager. The club constitution will be updated to reflect these changes and we have immediately become stronger due to these appointments.

I am immensely grateful to the remaining volunteers who served in committee positions in 2022, as all have each agreed to continue in position.

Billy Vaughan, Jo Norton, Angela Thomas, Tracey Leung-Fullerton, Sam Bonney and Rachel Bacon were confirmed as Community Hub Champions and will lead our Community Engagement under the umbrella of Working with the Community, For the Community.

Volunteer of the Month was awarded to Karen Smith.

Unsung Hero of the Year was awarded to Alex Manweiler.

Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Tracey Leung-Fullerton

Lifetime Membership awarded to Sean Furlong.

I thank the volunteer speakers tonight, the attendees and a special mention to John Dickson for ensuring 2023 gets off to the best possible start!! I welcome the new volunteers who used tonight to sign up, join the adventures and officially become ‘PV volunteers’.

Finally, I extend thanks to Jill Finney who has been appointed as our Kitchen Manager. Whilst not a constituted position, the time she spends at the club, performing several roles means 2023 will be another history making year at our club because of her dedication.





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