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Dear all sadly today Tuesday 23rd March has brought us to year since the first Covid-19 lockdown was implemented.

We have lost so many people within our country and worldwide but without the dedication of our NHS staff the numbers would have been far worse. A massive thank you goes out to all our key workers and the scientists who devised the vaccines. The volunteers at all the test centres and the vaccine centres where would we be without these people.

Thanks to the police who had to deal with those idiots who foolishly believed the pandemic didn't exist and it was all a myth.

Not forgetting the massive thank you to all the sensible people who stayed home and stuck to the rules wore their masks & washed their hands. Although it was terribly hard we never saw our families for so long and had to change our lives to beat this terrible pandemic.

We as the extended Portico family have been very lucky and to my knowledge we haven't lost anyone directly involved with the club and please forgive me if I'm wrong...! 🙏

Sadly Brandon's mum Dionne Delvin a NHS nurse contracted Covid-19 as she worked on a Covid ward at Whiston hospital. When Hobes and I went to visit Dionne 5 weeks after her coming out of hospital it left us both in tears and as she said I'm lucky to be alive 😢😢

After totally recovering Dionne went straight back to work on the Covid ward at Whiston what an incredible women.

I don't want to tempt fate but the end may be near so everybody please stick to the rules and let's all stay safe and stay strong.

Better days are on the way xxxxxx

The Captain. Billy Vaughan Vice Chairman


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