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Portico Vine we're lucky enough to be recognised by our local MP Marie Rimmer CBE for our work within the greater community.

Marie who is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) and is one of the most down to earth people who I've ever had the good fortune to meet and a true no nonsense women.

David Hobin April McBride and myself represented the club and we had afternoon tea with Marie Rimmer and her team and also in attendance was another local charity group called "No Duff".

They are a group of ex service men & policemen who devote their time helping colleagues who have suffered injuries in the line of duty or those who are dealing with the likes of post traumatic stress.

We have forged strong links with the lads from No Duff which is an army term that stands for "this is not a drill"

The lads told us that a radio message will go out over the military airwaves "no duff" and that means everything else becomes second to this as this is not a drill..!

The lads have agreed to come to the club and teach our kids & volunteers a form of unarmed combat to protect themselves (god forbid they will ever need to) and inturn we will be helping them to raise provisions for their foodbank to feed ex military service people over the Christmas period.

A link to their website and Facebook

Tracey has done a magnificent job organising the club's Halloween Party 🎃 and no one really understands how much work is involved in achieving such a monumental occasion but our kids deserve this and Tracey deserves a massive thank you from us all..!

As the rugby season comes to a close I think we all deserve a well earned rest but as you all know that's never going to happen as there's so much to plan, presentation evenings winter training the ongoing clubhouse extension & many more things.

One last thing please let's not forget one very important thing the Coronavirus is still with us we all still need to be very cautious and abide by the government guidelines.

Let's not be complacent and I know that not everybody agrees with the vaccination process but believe me it has saved my wife's life so I can only thank the NHS for that.

Stay safe and stay strong

Billy Vaughan

Vice Chairman

The Captain xx 💚💛

No Duff UK


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