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Busy Doing Nothing (16.12.2021)

First thing is were all here and were in good health and that's fantastic as the pandemic still wages war on so many.

I had my first training session with Paul Huston and the Portico Cubs last night after spending years with the u18s who have now flown the Portico nest.

I met u18s when they were 9yrs of age so it was a massive wrench for me and them, their going off to college, university & two are serving their country in the armed forces & others now have full time jobs so good luck to you all my boys.

David Hobin is working wonder's seemingly singlehandedly with the new clubhouse build.

Sean Furlong is in talks with so many service providers regarding new kitchens sanitary ware & anything else you can think of.

Angela and the rest of the fund raising team are working furiously as everything you can think of has gone up in price without the 3 Supremes where would we be...? 💃💃💃 Thank you Angela, Jo & Tracey.

Karen Smith is in overdrive with her wholesale communications and awaiting the onslaught of the pre-season registration.

The chairman has been spending between 12-14 hours a day in the police control centre implementing control measures to fight the pandemic and to manage the protesters who want to save the world whilst wrecking the average person's life.

Yet he still finds the time to bombard us with messages, ideas and updates to keep the ball rolling at a pace that it truly incredible it's obviously in the DNA.

Myself and Craig Richards from Saint's Community Foundation Team picked up roughly £600 worth of food toiletries & Christmas gifts from Bagnalls Industrial Painting Company today and delivered it to Teardrop's and Nick Dyer and his team we're blown away with Bagnalls generosity.

I've probably forgot to mention something or someone so I apologise to you but there's one last thing I must mention.

You meet people in your life that leave little impact on you and then there's others who actually change your life.

Well Anthony Rotherham changed my life for the better with his calming influence his serene nature and his gentlemanly ways.

He had some fantastic plans for all the coaches and all the age groups in the New Year. We are very lucky as a club to have him and Lady Di.

Please see attached latest clubhouse pictures .

Our dream is almost completed💚💛


Billy Vaughan Vice Chairman

The Captain. 💚💛


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