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Busy Doing Nothing - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBES!

Today Saturday 19th February is our chairman Mark Hobin's birthday he looks fantastic for his age because he's actually 75 and he wears a wig 👴🏻

In all my years of experience in amateur rugby league and meeting an endless amount of people who think they know everything there is to know about the game and don't get me wrong we need people like that because their the characters in our game but Hobes is different he always tells me

"I'm learning something about the game every single day"

When I first met him he was refereeing a junior game at Portico Vine and my first impression was how brilliant he interacted with all the players and how the players responded to the positivity.

Kieran Lacey kindly introduced me to Mark and then Kie said we need to get him down here as a coach and at that point in time the future was already being planned 😉

I contacted Sean Furlong my partner in crime and my closest dear friend and an individual who's opinion I value so much.

I introduced Sean to Hobes and he confirmed my opinion Sean said to me give him the regal tour of Portico Vine and sell him the dream he'll be hooked 🎣

I could say the rest is history but it's far more than that..!

Hobes and I have become beyond good friends we confide in one another and our guidance towards one another is incredible and all for the better of our children and our club.

But I must say we don't always see eye to eye but we do always find compromise as our joint vision is always the kids & the club.

When I look back some ten years ago when I was thankfully encouraged to join the club by Sean Furlong and Andy Connor I believe we're looking at a totally different club.

We're all grateful for what everybody has done for our club from day one and without all those people we wouldn't be where we are today but this lad has brought a new dynamic to the club his enthusiasm his drive and endeavour is off the scale.

Sometimes I have to send him a personal message saying hey Mr slow down 🤣

Yesterday l walked around the new clubhouse with Hobes senior (David) and the film crew from the RFL and also Colin from the Rugby World Cup Team who provided most of the money that has paid for the project and I stood inside looked up and around and thought OMG this is truly amazing.

Hobes junior has been relentless with his drive and networking with individuals within the RFL and with the Rugby World Cup Team and his coordination of our volunteers regarding their fundraising skills and so many other things absolutely blows me away.

A year ago I told him I was leaving the club as I thought I had to change my direction in life due to my circumstances. Hobes pleaded with me to reconsider and he sat me down and spoke about all we have achieved with all our incredible volunteers behind us pushing us forward and that our clubs vision is becoming a reality and just as I sold him the dream all those years ago he sold me the dream we have today.

I'll finish by saying I'd go into battle side by side with this man but we'll both settle for another pint in the Cook House in Rainhill 🍻

The Captain. 💚💛

Billy Vaughan

Vice Chairman


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