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The latest edition of Busy Doing Nothing written by Billy Vaughan. Vice chairman and child welfare officer.

I haven't wrote my "Busy Doing Nothing" column for a while but I've been down to the clubhouse tonight on my favourite night of the week "Wednesday" the fabulous Cubs and their brilliant parent's.

Which other club would have their chairman organising a fun night for the kids and leading from the front "as always"

Mark Hobin our chairman or as we call call him "Hobes" was at the forefront of the fun night assisted by an array of other coaches and volunteers and it's never a fun night unless there's water yes lots of water....!

Our Cubs went for it in a big way no hesitation or second thoughts by anyone of them including the parent's what a fantastic night.

An obstacle course including ball skills, passing, try scoring and best of all smashing through tackle bags they loved it whilst being soaked by water guns 💦💦💦💦💦😂

An then the absolute treat of the night the Cubs got to soak all the coaches & volunteers and oh my lord they were very good at soaking us all and what fun they had.

It was a very entertaining evening for everyone children parent's volunteers & coaches.

Things like this doesn't just happen it takes a lot of thought and preparation BUT it's all worth it because we're bless with wonderful children & parents.

So thank you Hobes for making so many children and adults so happy you a star 🌟

All your hard work has paid off the smiles on the children's faces said everything and the laughter was so heart warming we are so lucky to have you at the helm.

Also tonight we had the fabulous return of Jack Woodward, Jack first played for Portico Vine at the age of six.

Jack played for the legend Tommy Greenwood he stayed with us until he was sixteen then inlisted in the British Army.

Jack served in Iraq & Afghanistan and was award medals for bravery.

Jack has done a full circle to return to Portico to help coach the u9s.

Welcome back Jack were all proud of you.

Finally we've all been to hell and back throughout this Covid-19 pandemic so please everyone Stay Safe & Stay Strong as we're nearly there hopefully were on the final furlong.

A massive thank you to all the children, parents, volunteers coaches & committee for your endeavours to get us to where we are today 😍💚💛🏉


The Captain x


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