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King Kurt Latimer my dear friend my confidant & my hero left us all heart broken 4yrs ago today.

I made Kurt a promise to make sure his team would get the support guidance and mentoring he had alway given them.

Kurt set very high standards and didn't make my task easy he was a hard act to follow and at times I struggled I really struggled then I had a brainwave I'll enroll Callum Latimer who is Kurt's youngest son to become my assist coach and the dream team was born.

There was very little age difference between Callum and the players and they all loved him for his sense of humour his banter and his no nonsense approach simply a chip of the old block.

Callum and I have had many conversations about his dad and we talk very freely about Kurt simply because we have so many fabulous memories and we both cherish what we have.

I once said to Callum I hope I never let your dad down and Callum turned to me and looked directly at me and said "no you never not at all" I could have burst into tears because that ment so much to me.

The u18s have all moved on now but Callum and I are still together training the Portico Cubs and Callum is also going on to coach the u7s.

He told me tonight his elder brother Ben who is an ex Portico Vine player and a very good one at that may be going to assist Callum with the coaching of the u7s what a signing that would be for us.

The Latimer dynasty lives on at Portico Vine and so it should as Kurt set the high standards that we have all followed and now his boys are following in his footsteps.

I spoke to Lorraine tonight and I found it very hard to speak to her simply because of the anniversary but I know only to well that Kurt's wife Lorraine is very proud of Kurt and she's very proud of all three of her boys as Connor her eldest boy works for Ravenair just like his dad and yet again he's following in his father's footsteps.

Kurt and I would always sit on Tommy's bench after training laughing out loud about anything and anyone and I really miss that and I think about him all the time.

My memories are forever my love and admiration will never diminish and his boy will create something special at Portico Vine just like their dad has.

The Captain 💚💛

Billy Vaughan

Vice Chairman

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