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Busy Doing Nothing

The first time I ever met Anthony Rotherham & Lady Di was up at Mossbank playing fields fondly renamed by the Rotherham's "Elliott's Fields" I'm memory of a beautiful young boy who sadly became an angel far too young.

The Rotherham's clan lead by David who's Anthony's dad and a man not to be messed with, were looking to merge with another local rugby club and I was sent by Andy Connor our then chairman to assess the possibility of a merger.

Having met David and the rest of the Rotherham clan alongside the likes of Craig & Ellie Tracey and all the kids I was completely sold.

Their passion, belief, commitment & dedication shone through but most of all their genuine love of the game and desire to grow was what impressed me.

Endless conversations with dad David about our socialist views and our love of rugby league are quite memorable.

Anthony, I found to be a very quiet a man of few words but very industrious and a very good leader without shouting about it.

Lady Di just frightened me to death 😆 but we both had the same view of Anthony.

A man who doesn't realise how good he actually is and how he's respected by his friends & fellow coaches.

I immediately struck up a very great relationship with all the Rotherham's I even lost the fear I had for Lady Di as she's nobody's fool and I think she grew to like my cheeky ways as we always have some fabulous conversations and good chuckles together 😆

This is a family who have dedicated their lives to our rugby club especially the merger between the two clubs to make us the club we are today to which we'll all be eternally grateful we're bigger better & stronger together.

Without going into too much detail it's not always been easy for the Rotherham clan but they've taken everything in their stride they've stood tall and strong as a family and I admire them all and I'm proud to call them my very close friends.

There was a time when Anthony's team may have folded but they all closed ranks and pulled together to carry on against all the odds and they've created a fabulous team a bunch of lads who are a credit to our club they've been lead by a fantastic team of people from coaches, team manager, first aiders, touchline manager's and parents well done to everyone involved.

On a very personal note can I just say thank you to Anthony and Lady Di for supporting me through some very tough times without you I may have crumbled 😍

Finally Hobes our chairman and I are so proud to have our children walking out with the Tongan team wearing their Portico / Tongan shirt's in the Rugby World Cup with Anthony Rotherham leading them all out carrying the Tongan flag 🇹🇴

Thank you so much my dear friends 😍💚💛

The Captain.

Billy Vaughan

Vice Chairman


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