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Another day at Scholes Lane with our fabulous volunteers who I firmly believe are simply mad..!

The club volunteers were doing the morning 10:00 - 3pm shift & VIY guys were doing the 1pm - 7pm shift.

So myself Skez & Alex Manweiller u11s arrived early doors and started with our daily chat about what we were about to start doing.

This conversation soon descended into laughter and total disorder Alex fitted in like a piece of Lego.

During the course of the day our conversations always seem to revolve around our families including our Portico family.

Alex & his son Kieran came to Portico Vine from Pilkington Recs and have quickly found their feet making friends very easily and Alex tells me their both very happy which is good to hear.

Alex and I carried on painting the away changing rooms as Skez had his morning nap he has four naps a day whether he needs them or not and brings his own little blanket.

The morning passes as the paint fumes seem to leave Alex and I on a high so we retire to the kitchen for a brew and Alex asks shall I wake Skez up..?

Be very careful I say as he's a bugger if he's hasn't had a full hours kip.

The three of us are having our lunch break as the VIY team arrive yet again we're in fits of laughter as we share stories about the chairman and his cross dressing something that Paul & Imran from VIY seem very interested in.

Brews finished we attack the rollers and paints brushes again we actually seem to be doing a good as the place looks a lot brighter and cleaner.

Skez keeps looking out of the double doors at the fields and the pitches in particular, I look at him and say oh go on you'll feel better if you do it.

So he gets his white linemarker wheely thing and walks off into the distance yet again my pal is happy oh how he loves marking white lines.

The Andrews family arrive Neil & Dylan dad & lad two really hard work guys Dylan plays for our U18s and Neil never misses a game or a training session and yes his wife is called Julie yes Julie Andrews and she sings you could write it 🤣

Ali from the U18s my rugby son I say that because he always calls me his rugby dad starts painting the walls with Dylan and the comedy commences they have everyone in stitches laughing what a great day.

It's tiring but it fun the people are mad but their fantastic the Portico clubhouse is looking good and it's my second home.

If you fancy a laugh come and join us for an hour or two x

Billy Vaughan

Vice chairman


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