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I would never say no to our hero's & heroine's offer of help that would criminal of me.

To get a constant offer of help & support has actually got us to where we are today.

Both Hobes & myself can come up with all the good ideas in the world & coordinate & manage projects BUT if we don't have the volume of volunteers that we've had it's all worthless..!

Hobes & myself constantly talk for endless hours about where we as a club are going.

Which direction do we take next and where will that take us and what benefits will that have for our club.

The constant answer to all those questions is based on who do we have to take us there on our journey...?

We look at all our volunteers and we take into consideration your skill bases and fit individuals to the required roles & make sure that support is at hand for everyone to help us achieve our dream.

It's no good having two Billy Vaughan's or Hobes as we'd probably end up battling instead of generating the positive energies we need.

Everyone has a skill and amazingly some people don't know they have a skill but believe me we do.

It doesn't matter what that skill is as long as it can be utilised to help others were all pieces of jigsaw that makes a fabulous picture and that picture is our future.

Finally on a very personal note from the chairman and myself we we're once asked where would we be without our club volunteers.

Our collective answer was NOWHERE..!


Billy & Mark

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