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We officially have two days left of our VIY project.

The final push has gone really well and our volunteers have created something that should shock those who first walk through the doors of the clubhouse as they will she a massive remarkable change.

We've tried to revamp our clubhouse with a decor that shows people "changes have been made" we've been bold we've made a statement which says, we've all had a rough tough year but a brighter future lies ahead for us all.

I've enjoyed every single day of our project and the company of every single individual who has given their time and effort and have also expressed themselves through their skills and endeavours.

Leanne Darbyshire and her fabulous boys Josh & Kian have put so much time at the club throughout the project it's totally incredible.

It finally dawned on me why their always here...!

They'd been living in the changing rooms no bloody wonder they were early every day.

Josh wanted to join the Royal Navy & Kian wanted to become an engineer NOW they both want to become painter & decorators so my next job is to introduce them both to Kevin Travis from Bagnalls and get them both onto the apprenticeship ladder.

I asked Kian what he wanted to get out of the project and he said, skills I can use that will help me find an apprenticeship and I want people to walk in to the clubhouse and say WOW.

I think Kian will get both wishes fulfilled.

The Captain x


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