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Busy Doing Nothing VIY update week 2

Week two of our VIY project and were racing along all thanks to our fabulous unbelievable volunteers.

These include parent's player's siblings coaches club volunteers & even a man who we press ganged as he was walking his dog.

To be honest the fella who was the dog walker was pretty much rubbish at DIY but the dog Rex was bob on with a paint roller.

I opened up this morning only to find that the whole clubhouse has been cleaned from too bottom by Paul Houston OMG it looks superb Paul has done an unbelievable job the man's a machine.

A car came screeching into the car park at speed the doors flew open two young lads rolled out onto the ground and a voice screamed get those changing rooms painted with two coats and no slacking you two.

I looked into the car and said good morning Leanne, yes it was our own one and only Leanne Darbyshire. With a big smile on her face she said crack the whip Billy get them at it don't let them rest and they'll be back tomorrow.

What a women she's incredible we all love her, that's because we're all frightened of her..! (Only kidding)

Kian & Josh picked themselves off the floor dusted them selves off and grabbed a paint roller each then they were met by Jammie Crossman who like the lads never ever stop.

The lads have painted the front corridor even before the VIY guys had even arrived and in all fairness the VIY guy's said Billy your very lucky to have the volunteers that you've got at Portico Vine.

At this point I must recognise Harley Houghton & Micky Melling unfortunately they had volunteered but last night they both had temperatures so had to withdraw last minute.

Our thoughts go out to the both of you and your lovely families and wish you both a speedy recovery.

The tiles have been ordered for the ladies toilets & the referee's changing rooms and Dean our tiler will be on site tomorrow to look at the work in question.

Thanks to everyone so far and thanks to those who may volunteer in the future lots of painting still to do and maybe some dancing girls & lads to entertain the troops 💃🕺👯‍♀️👯‍♂️


The Captain x


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