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Busy Doing Nothing - Zoe Harris tribute!

Zoe Harris plays rugby league for St Helens & England and she's a tough tackling prolific half back with a fabulous kicking game but how did she get to where she is to day.

Well it all started back in Kimberly Avenue in Portico

St Helens.

Zoe would spend hours & hours playing rugby in the street or on any green space she and her friends could find endlessly passing and receiving the ball until perfection was found.

Zoe would kick and catch a ball 100's of times until it got dark and her mum would say Zoe now it's time to come in.

She's a Portico girl born and bred and played for Portico Vine from the age of 5yrs of age and more than held her own in a very male dominated game.

She quickly excelled for Portico Vine at all levels of the game and very soon bigger clubs were interested in her ability and shortly after that Zoe moved to Thatto Heath.

Once at Thatto Heath her game progressed at a rapid rate propelling her to the attention of the Saint's scouts and the St Helens ladies head coach Derek Hardman who signed Zoe in 2018.

And in Dek's words she's a dream to work with on and off the pitch a person who's totally dedicated to the game of rugby league.

Craig Richards saw the hard work Zoe was putting in as she trained and played to the best of her ability week after week and rewarded her with an England call up this young lady who spent endless hours playing rugby league in the streets of Portico was finally pulling on an England shirt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in 2022 a very proud moment not only for Zoe but for us all.

Zoe and her fellow Saint's players have attended presentations nights at Portico Vine for years and always giving their time and encouragement to all the children but they are especially inspirational to all the young girls who see them as heroines and they truly are.

Our Saint's Ladies & our England Lioness's have opened up doors & broke down barriers for all the young girls who are playing rugby league today and they've give all these young girls a greater opportunity to succeed in the game.

Their devotion and dedication will make opportunities easier for the next generation of female rugby league players.

So I'll finish by saying Zoe Harris your an inspiration and your smile always lights me up whenever I see you and everyone says your still the same girl from Kimberley Avenue.

Portico girl born and bred.

Billy Vaughan.

The Captain.


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