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Dear all I am very delicate today as you can imagine after one of the very best days of my life 🎂🍾🥂💚💛

I was overwhelmed by the kindness thoughtfulness generosity hard work & trickery by everyone yesterday.

I am always on a high when I'm at the "fields of dreams" surrounded by the people I love and trust, but I could never have dreamed in my wildest imagination what was going to happen on Sunday afternoon..?

If the truth be known I was overwhelmed.

I can't begin to thank everyone for their kindness as it was incredible and I must say my family were very emotional about how you all have been so generous & thoughtful.

To share such a monumental time in my life with you all was so special for me and to be surrounded by people I love and respect meant so much to me.

I have no inbetweens in life I either give everything or nothing..!

I firmly believe those who are worthy deserve everything I have to offer and even more and as our Sean will tell you I waste no time with fools 😉

In reflection all the fabulous people & children I call "my Portico family" inspire me you make me happy as we laugh together & sometimes we even weep together but most of all it's your loyalty that inspires me.

You have brought me to the height of my Portico life and lifted me when I needed your support no other club has that kind of devotion and for that I am eternally grateful.

I love you all 😍

The captain. xxxxxx


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