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Busy Doing Nothing

This month's article is like no other one I have ever written as it's all about one individual Arthur Pessoll now Arthur is the father in law of Neil Wilcock who is a partner at JK Ross our longest serving sponsor.

Arthur is a man I hold in high esteem and besides being a truly genuine man & gentleman Arthur is hilariously funny which is right up my street.

Arthur is a man of his time who when called on he without hesitation signed up to fight in the second world war, luckily Arthur came home without too many battle scars and met Betty the love of his life.

Arthur & Betty went on to have their daughter Susan who Neil Wilcock quickly captured and married her knowing full well she came from good stock 😉

Arthur, Betty, Susan & Neil attended our presentation nights for the then u16s and Arthur presented the lads with their awards and when I would announce Arthur he would march up to the stage and salute the lads absolutely loved it.

Each boy would come up to the stage to receive their award off Arthur and he'd salute them the lads would be beaming and of course half of them saluted back to our hero.

These events went on for three years and of course let's not forget our memorable "Race Night" 🏇 at the police club when Arthur said I haven't got a clue what's going on but I'm loving it 😆

JK Ross helped us survive throughout lockdown and the dreaded pandemic and we're truly thankful for that and their dedication to our cause.

Arthur is sadly in hospital at this moment in time with COVID and I know everyone at Portico Vine will wish him the very best especially our boys who are now men and playing open age rugby.

On a very personal note Arthur you remind me so much of my own dad who like you went to war at a very young age and was a true gentleman just like you and the similarities go on.

I'm proud to call you a friend and thank you so much for supporting us in a way that only you could.

Sir I salute you. 😍

The Captain xxxx


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