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So today marks exactly two years since I took the helm at Portico Vine,

Scholes Lane - the place where all kids get the opportunity to shine.

Simply continuing the tremendous work of those gone before me,

Working alongside the most selfless individuals who do it all for free.

Building friendships and memories with all that’

s green and gold,

Experiences and a togetherness that for generations will be re-told.

A year that we have took on the biggest challenge the club has ever seen,

Nationally acclaimed for our response and recovery to the infamous Covid-19.

Too many people to mention but you know who you are,

Whenever I need you, you step up and are never too far.

My fantastic committees and coaches work literally every night and day,

To have everything in place so our kids can just turn up and play.

Our journey was temporarily on hold due to something nobody could have foresaw,

But rest assured things are back in place for the next part of our adventure.

Finally to my family for your support, belief and hours set aside,

Here’s to the next 12 months - who is coming along for the ride? 💚💛


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