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💚💛AGM - Friday 4th February 2022💚💛

Members attended the clubs AGM via a virtual online meeting (hopefully for the last time).

12 months of highlights were shared, details of the challenges we overcame and an update on the new clubhouse build, presented.

Our fantastic volunteers were thanked for their selfless and unrivalled commitment over the last twelve months as the club juggle the largest project ever undertaken with the recovery from the biggest challenge society and our children have ever faced.

It is with great honour and pride I can announce that the following people were proposed, seconded and accepted positions detailed in the constitution. Their term will be for two further years as we head toward the most exciting time in the clubs history.

Chairman: Mark Hobin

Vice Chairman: Billy Vaughan

Secretary: Sean Furlong

Treasurer: Angela Thomas

Head Coach: Anthony Rotherham

Deputy Head Coach: Alex Manweiler

It was proposed and voted for that the Head of Fundraising will change names to Events Manager and Tracey Leung Fullerton was voted into that role.

It was proposed and voted for that Head of Communications be entered into the constitution and that Karen Smith was voted into that role.

Stewart Meechan provided members with a fantastic insight into the history of the club and how he will be helping drive the club forward, ensuring roots are remembered as new ones are planted.

Thank you for the people who sent apologies and of course to the people who attended and took part in the proposals.

The evening finished with two very special awards that were presented after top secret arrangements to get the awards to our winners beforehand.

The Volunteer of the Year was awarded to David Hobin with the citation reading,

“This individual has gone up and beyond the call of duty time after time. His drive and enthusiasm is second to none. His meticulous attention to detail is incredible, his stamina and drive is endless and he has virtually singlehandedly delivered our new clubhouse as our fantastic project manager. He has ensured a future for our children and for generations to come.”

The Lifetime Membership Award went to David Rotherham with the citation reading,

“This individual has given so much to our club for such a protracted amount of time. He made it his personal challenge to integrate our Mossbank section of our club into our Portico family and since achieving this, our club has not only benefited from this union but has become stronger and greater for this. His leadership, direction and enthusiasm for ensuring every child has the right to shine will now be there for all to see on our board forever.”

OneTeamOneDream 💚💛


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