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💚💛Club Statement💚💛

It is a cliché but it’s one we absolutely believe in within the junior ranks of our teams - win, lose or draw - it doesn’t matter.

What matters is we make memories. As a group of volunteers, we provide a safe haven for our kids and we provide them with as many life enhancing opportunities as we can.

Our aim is to broaden their horizons, raise their aspirations and ambitions, improve self-confidence, self-esteem and support their development.

In addition, we wish nothing more than they enjoy taking part in physical activity and instil a love of being active thus creating a healthier community.

Well today, our U8s achieved all of that and made a lasting memory - they became victors for the first time this season.

Winning, losing or drawing doesn’t matter but making a memory they will never forget is immeasurable. We are so proud of you all 💚💛

On behalf of the whole club, huge huge congratulations 💚💛


Club chairman

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