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Portico Vine Amateur Rugby League Club (ARLFC) is a community club, run entirely by volunteers, based in St. Helens ,England in the heart of Rugby League country.

Our volunteers work in partnership with the parents and carers of our young people to provide an environment that coaches, manages, supports, encourages and develops our club and the wider rugby community.

At the start of 2020, we have 197 players from age range of 4yr olds (the newbies) to U18 level.

The Clubhouse is leased from St.Helens council but does not include any maintenance, upgrades or financial support so any

improvement in the facilities is provided by volunteer support, fundraising and local business support / sponsorship.

The lighting in the building is old, has low light levels and several fittings failed requiring replacement.

There are over 30 fittings in the building and so we are starting on a replacement programme with new LED batten fittings which

will significantly increase the lighting levels, provide safe installation and more efficient fittings.

We have been donated 10 No. Twin fluorescent LED batten fittings 1500mm 63W and hoping to replace another 10 later in the year.

We needed support for the installation by a professional company and up steps PICOW Engineering based in Runcorn to provide installation and testing at no cost to the club as part of their commitment to support the community.

Sincere thanks to Mark James, Steve Brennan , Mark Jones and especially Brandon Davies all from PICOW Engineering.


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