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Good evening everybody,

This week we have officially applied for

planning permission to build a new extension on our existing clubhouse to better our facilities for the children of Portico Vine and visitors from across the North West Counties.

Today we completed our second round of consultation with our close neighbours and residents on Scholes Lane whom have been very supportive throughout the different stages of the project.

With the support of RLWC2021 legacy team, St Helens Council, Merseyside Police and Sport England as well with Ravenair helping us massively this once in a lifetime opportunity is within reaching distance.

The OneTeam OneDream approach has really made a huge difference at our club and I can’t thank the key volunteers enough as they have turned a long term pipe dream into reality.

Attached is a short summary of what we have provided to our residents today and sent to each Portico Vine age group for transparency.

This project will have far reaching benefits for the sport we all love, the wider community but more importantly, the children can call it their own safe haven.

I will provide a video update next month so you can track our progress.

Stay safe


(Mark Hobin Chairman)

(Mark Hobin Club Chairman)


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