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On the eve of our new clubhouse’s 1st anniversary celebrations, I would like to place on record and highlight the phenomenal amount of work that has gone into putting this event on.

Foremost, it has been planned by a group of VOLUNTEERS. Unpaid and often juggling many other work and family commitments, even before dealing with many of life’s curveballs (of which there have been several recently).

Not many people will have seen the hundreds of ‘free’ hours that have gone into this event, the challenges faced and the complex event management plan.

I know our club are blessed with some of the best but we shall never take them for granted as I have seen first hand how they have:

Designed a fantastic schedule of events

Included the wider community

Made the event all inclusive and all accessible

Spent day after day communicating with partners and entertainment providers

Organised extra stock

Organised rota’s

Provided regular communication updates

Wrote risk assessments

Ripped through layers of red tape

Produced floor plans

Cleaned and tidied both buildings

Updated IT systems

Upgraded CCTV systems

Attended numerous planning meetings

Attended numerous committee meetings

Checked first aid provisions

Linked in with neighbours

Drafted itineraries

Facilitated and answered countless queries and questions

Problem solved

Built things from scratch

I assure you the list goes on but I’m conscious it’s Friday night and they/we all need an early night ahead of what promises to be another spectacular day in the history of Portico Vine.

I won’t embarrass them (yet) but heartfelt thanks to the Event steering group, the Senior Committee, the Kitchen and Bar team, the Coaches, the Team Managers, the Community Hub team, our Maintenance team and our Social Media team. This was only possible because you bought into the One Team One Dream ethos and understood the huge benefits of Working WITH the Community, FOR the Community.

It’s an absolute privilege to hold the position I do but volunteering alongside you is the pinnacle. I can’t wait to welcome our members and the wider community to Portico Vine tomorrow. Remember bar is cashless but kitchen, stalls and games will accept cash.

Sweet Portico anyone? 💚💛

Hobes 💚💛


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