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Third up on our featured Sponsors articles is a man I know quite well!!! Introducing under 16s sponsor, club project manager and club ambassador....Hobes Snr 💚💛

David Hobin Consultancy Limited - U16s

Who am I & what do I do?

I am David Hobin a successful Operational Leader with over 40 yrs experience in the food industry and owner of the company.

A Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

International experience across more than 15 countries. Provide advice,cost savings, detail business reviews and food technology solutions to leading companies such as Princes, Moy Park,Guinness, Mr.Kipling and many others.

Why give back to the local community?

I received excellent voluntary support and coaching in my career and sports activities and love to give something back to help people enhance their lives.

Seeing first hand at how much Portico do for the benefit of others was a big attraction and one of the main reasons I volunteered to head up the large scale new clubhouse project. Our efforts now will benefit others for generations to come and new stories will be told based on what we do today.

Why Choose Portico Vine?

My grandchildren play for them and I know the Chairman really well!!!

Seriously, it is a family orientated club with selfless people doing everything for the benefit of the kids not themselves. The club goes much deeper than any club I have known due to its relentless community work, off field activities and partnership work.

Where can you find details of business?

I do not have a website as all my work comes from recommendations or ex colleagues. I am proud to sponsor the u16's kit this season and help the club recover from the long absence.


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