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***Keeping You Informed***

Firstly, I must start by sending the very best of wishes and speedy recoveries to Lewis Warren, Josef Parnell and Tyler Dawson who have each suffered significant injuries over the last round of games whilst giving their all for our club. I have never experienced three players being injured over the same weekend and am grateful for the professional and voluntary support they have each received.

It’s been a very busy, but hugely rewarding month for our club with more yet to come. We have officially turned on our new floodlights, welcomed new Ambassadors, unveiled an external defibrillator, hosted an Australian night for New South Wales Police, been mascots, flag bearers and ball boys at Saints, hosted another Community Cafe, continued the Rugbees and Touch Rugby sessions, built a memorial garden and our superstars on the pitch have been putting together some quite sensational performances.

Huge thanks to our Maintenance Team, our Child Welfare Team and our Community Hub Team who have been particularly busy this month. And to all our volunteers who have attended regional North West Counties meetings in addition to other local committee


What’s ahead? Well the pace doesn’t relent…volunteers are currently managing,

1. Welfare of injured players

2. Overseeing a pro active First Aid review

3. Exploring L2 coaching course opportunities

4. Conducting a Stock Check

5. Scoping out and drafting a proposal for the conversion of Tommys Lounge and old kiosk

6. Launching our Masters Team

7. Creating a Girls Team

8. Scoping out an upgrade to toilets in old building

9. Planting trees as part of clubhouse planning permission

10. Progressing plans to join our two buildings

11. Unveiling an Ambassadors board

12. Adding to the internal decor within clubhouse

13. Finalising plans for Presentation Nights

14. Negotiating 2024 sponsorship deals

15. Devising a winter training schedule

16. Planning events to include; Open age fundraiser, Spooky Walk, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Volunteers Night and a Heritage Evening

17. Recruiting new players and volunteers

18. Planning further community engagement events

19. Facilitating coaches and committee meetings

20. Planning a huge Festival in 2024

One of the remarkable aspects of Portico Vine ARLFC is the diverse range of roles filled by volunteers. From coaches and kitchen staff to fundraisers and event organisers, each volunteer plays a unique part in the club's success. Some ensure that the pitch is well-maintained, while others manage social media accounts and promote the club in the community.

These exceptional individuals are chosen not just for their commitment but also for the positive influence they bring to the club. They are often the first to arrive and the last to leave, setting an example for others to follow. They inspire fellow volunteers and players alike with their unwavering dedication. We are actively recruiting new volunteers and I urge you to consider taking more of an active role and joining the best team out there.

Of course I finish by recognising our players who don our Green and Gold kits and take to the pitch every weekend. You are the reason we do what we do and without you, it would all be worthless. As the season heads towards a conclusion, I have the honour of speaking on behalf of all our volunteers when I say, ‘Thank You’. Thank You for representing the club, for being ambassadors to our club and for all your efforts and commitment during training and on match days.

Exciting times ahead - One Team One Dream 💚💛

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