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Single Brick

£20 deposit

£10 a month for 3 months

Double Brick

£15 deposit

£20 a month for 3 months

Good afternoon everyone - we hope you are all well.

As club secretary, it gives me great pleasure to write to you today in what has been yet another history making week for the club.

Would you like to be a very special part of the build when we start life in our new clubhouse?

We are creating a members memory wall within the club made gold bricks spelling PVARLFC.

Single bricks are available for from £50 and double bricks £75. We only have limited space so please be quick so that you will be embedded in Portico Vine for life and for for all the generations to come.

For further details please contact myself, Sean Furlong on 07812 403456 or via email

In the comments below are draft examples although the font will be thicker and the text coloured gold.

On behalf of all at Portico Vine thank you for your ongoing support.

Sean 💚💛


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