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📣Huge Breaking News this afternoon…😱💚💛

We are delighted to announce that Portico Vine ARLFC has been awarded funding and planning permission for brand new floodlights, thanks to the generous support of the Valencia Communities Fund, through the Landfill Communities Fund. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for our club and the local community.

Portico Vine has been an integral part of our community for many years nurturing a love for rugby league and promoting a strong sense of camaraderie among players, supporters and the wider community alike. However, like many grassroots sports clubs, we have faced challenges in providing adequate facilities to enhance the game experience for our members, spectators and other community groups.

The addition of new floodlights is a transformative development for our club. This investment is a testament to the Valencia Communities Fund's commitment to promoting sports and fostering a vibrant community spirit.

The new floodlights will bring numerous benefits to Portico Vine ARLFC and the wider community. Here are just a few ways in which this funding will positively impact our club:

1. Enhanced Playing Experience: The floodlights will provide superior illumination to facilitate training and drills away from the pitches to protect them during the off season. They will also enhance safety and security measures, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and anti-social behaviour, all whilst making it a safer venue for casual community use.

2. Increased Accessibility: Our club will be able to accommodate more training sessions throughout the autumn and winter months allowing us to expand our offerings to players of all ages and abilities. This inclusivity will foster a more diverse and vibrant rugby league community.

3. Community Engagement: The upgraded facilities will attract more community groups to make use of the grounds in line with our commitment of Working with the Community, For the Community.

4. Potential for Revenue Generation: The availability of floodlit training facilities will save significant costs to source external locations, as has been the case for many years. This will allow us to redirect funds to more pressing matters.

We sincerely thank the Valencia Communities Fund for recognising the importance of investing in grassroots sports and for selecting Portico Vine ARLFC as a recipient of this funding.

Club Treasurer, Angela Thomas stated, “The support and backing of Valencia Communities Fund will have a lasting impact on our club, enabling us to create memorable moments on the field and strengthen the bonds within our community.”

Project Manager, David Hobin added, “We are confident that the new floodlights will be a shining beacon for rugby league in our community, illuminating the way for future success.” 💚💛


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