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We are absolutely thrilled to share with you that our new community defibrillator is now ready to use if needed for an emergency!

Huge thanks to the NWAS Charity for generously donating this to us, we are so grateful for their support and helping to make this happen.

We would also like to thank our volunteer maintenence group for installing the cabinet, and Andy Wohler for donating his electrical services.

This life saving machine is housed outside our clubhouse in a secure cabinet for use by anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest whilst visiting our facility or using our playing field. It will also benefit those in our local area.

We hope that it never needs to be used, but knowing that it is there will always give us peace of mind.

This long process was started by our Community Hub team.

"When we first opened the doors to our new clubhouse last year, we had a strong focus on this being a community hub. We already have a defibrillator inside our clubhouse but felt we needed to make it our mission to ensure that the local area has access to this life saving device if our building was closed.

We get dog walkers, rugby players and their supporters coming through our grounds. We want the community to know we are place they can come to if they need help. We are so happy that this is ready to use in an emergency. We would encourage everyone reading this to share our post, to raise awareness of where it is located.

In an ideal world, defibrillators would be readily available in every public place but sadly this isn't always possible, so we are doing what we can..working with the community, for the community"

How it works:

💚 defibrillators are used to treat someone in cardiac arrest..a cardiac arrest is when someone's heart has stopped beating normally and they are unresponsive and not breathing.

💛 when someone is in cardiac arrest, performing CPR and using a defibrillator can increase the chances of survival by 2 to 4 times, giving survival rates of 50-70% higher if used within 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest.

💚 it is located on our external wall outside the clubhouse (opposite end of the kitchen side), and is accessible 24/7.

💛 it is inside a locked cabinet, and 999 will issue the code to the caller and instructions on how to use it will be given.


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