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5 highlights of the weeks to come during these very difficult times - just to keep you informed....

1. Most importantly and highly prioritised, our child welfare and mental health provisions have been reviewed and updated since the Covid-19 outbreak. Significant resources, material, support and signposting will be launched imminently to support our members via our highlighted section on the website. I pass on particular thanks to the child welfare hero(ines) and our IT magicians.

2. Your club will partake in two hugely significant meetings this week, both locally (with the council) and nationally (with RFL) in relation to a new clubhouse as significant momentum gathers. Hugely exciting times ahead. Regular updates have been provided to committee members and coaches but I will record a video update for our wider supporters and members to appraise you.

3. Your current clubhouse will commence a complete transformation and make over of our building as part of our Volunteer-It-Yourself 4 week project with mentors and mentees receiving internal and external recognition. Induction begins tomorrow. Volunteers must be 14+. Please let us know if you would like to get involved. This is such a phenomenal coup for the club having beaten off signifcant competition to better our facilities.

4. Christmas Toy Appeal. We have joined forces with Merseyside Police, West Yorkshire Police, GB Police RL Team and Saints Community Development Foundation to collect that extra Christmas present for members of our community this year. Collections points and contacts will be advertised via a poster that will be launched this week. I hope you will be able to support us.

5. Our children will receive particular recognition for their unwavering commitment and loyalty to your/their club during the final training sessions of the year. There will be no formal presentation night but I’m sure the coaches will do what they do best and make it memorable during the awarding of medals.

Stay safe and as ever I’ll keep you as informed as I can. There is so much positivity spread throughout the club that I can guarantee the best times are still to be enjoyed. Thank you for your unwavering support as difficult as it is.

Hobes 💚💛


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