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This morning I am delighted to be able to share some very exciting news with you....

In 2019 we applied to RLWC2021 legacy team for a large scale project to improve and modernise facilities at Scholes Lane. We have worked tirelessly on all aspects of the application process for almost 12 months (clearly affected by Covid) showcasing all of our work in the community both on and off the pitch.

On Friday we were told that our application has been accepted as it meets the criteria and objectives outlined by the legacy programme. We now enter the second and final stage of the application process which involves working closely with Sport England and the RFL via the RLWC2021 team to complete an action plan covering all aspects of the project.

I’ve had to wait until today to share with you all as our priority was to meet the residents on Scholes Lane to share our plans as part of early consultation. We did this last night and met no resistance due to the excellent rapport and relationship we have built with our neighbours over a protracted length of time.

The plans are now to be developed by the project steering committee. We have enlisted the help of a hugely experienced project manager who has over 40 years experience in the private sector, Mr David Hobes Senior. David will lead the project up with his meticulous eye for detail and will be supported by members of the committee.

We are under no illusions that it is a mammoth task for our group of volunteers but as you know we have the best bunch in the whole land.

We are proposing a single storey extension to the current building which will include on site parking, better catering facilities, an area for the children to sit down and enjoy their post game meals rather than having to stand outside in the inclement weather, a dual purpose community meeting/function room, more toilets and changing rooms for females and match officials.

We will do all in our power to make this happen and will rely on your support, the support of the council, local MPs, the RFL, the NWC, our neighbours and the local community of St Helens.

I will provide a further update at the start of each month so you can track our progress. It’s an exciting time to be a Panther!! The OneTeamOneDream ethos has made our dreams get one step closer to reality.

Stay safe and keep it Green and Gold.


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