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Portico Vine 38 vs 0 Haydocl Warriors

🟢🟡 Portico Vine 38-0 Haydock Warriors ⚫️🟡


Jake Kinraide, Ryan Penny, Dan Boardman, Brad Naylor, Callum Martin (×2), Arturs Langenfelds


Dan Boardman

⭐️ MOTM - Leo Lane ⭐️

From start to finish, the lads defended their line impeccably and made countless attacking sets, resulting in several tries from a handful of the squad, including Arturs whom has scored his first try in just his third game with the team. Regardless of the dreary weather, the lads didn't let that deter them as their efforts and enthusiasm were high throughout and it ended with an incredible, well deserved win from a brilliant game.

Gabrielle 💚💛


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