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This special weekend marks the highly anticipated return to action for our green and gold army. And what a sight it will be.

Gadgets cast aside and no more need for virtual meetings. The fresh air awaits and new memories will be created.

For the first time in recent memory our children will be putting on their new kits, pulling up their socks and fastening their boot laces. The nervous excitement flowing through their little Panther veins and the joy etched on their faces as they glance in the mirror on the way out of the door. The sheer thrill of being part of a team again at the forefront of their minds. Of THEIR team! Of THEIR club!

Coaches, assistants and fellow volunteers will arrive extra early to ensure everything is in place for the players and spectators. Checklists and temperature monitors at the ready. Additional measures and extra precautions thrust upon our selfless coaching team, ground staff and maintenance managers who have worked wonders to make this weekend happen. A years worth of coaching quickly put aside - worth the wait as their superstars begin to arrive.

Committee members will be there to welcome back our extended family. To thank you for standing by us throughout the most challenging of times. To ask how you are doing and to offer a socially distant high five.

Of course it’s different, we wish it wasn’t so. But this weekend signals the start of the good times to come. The history making year for all at Portico Vine.

To our children - the message from the grown ups is simple. Go and have fun. Go and run. Go and tackle. Go and help your teammates. Go and enjoy yourselves. Go and make memories. Go and chase your dreams.

We are One Team striving for YOUR One Dream.

See you Sunday.

Hobes and Billy on behalf of the Senior Committee.

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