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Last night, 7 members of our club attended the 'Summat for Sutton', a funding initiative launched by Merseyside Police and partner agencies.

The cash is to support local groups to assist in reducing and preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, tackling county lines and protecting vulnerable people within our communities.

It is our absolute delight to announce we won an incredible £2,000 towards our bid to support our long term ambition to have a Community Hub in the area to reach out to people who really need somewhere to go for a safe haven, to provide support and advice and to help change lives!!

As volunteers, we work in partnership with other parents and carers to provide an environment that coaches, supports and develops our club and community.

Our club's aim is to provide positive experiences through rugby league, instilling respect, promoting enjoyment, ensuring inclusion and importantly giving young people a sense of wider community responsibility and pride in where they come from. And whilst rugby league is our reason for being, our commitment to being an asset to our community is just as important.

Although our new clubhouse is to be used primarily as a rugby club - we are passionate about the fact that it is also seen as a community asset, used by the wider community of St Helens and the wider area.

Our partnership working so far has enabled us to put on some events such as our Bonfire Brunch, but we want to do more!

Our plans for the community hub will be affordable, accessible and responsive to what people are telling us they want and need.

Just to highlight some of the work we have been involved in so far:

💚 Merseyside police partnership- looking at how we can provide and host activities to tackle anti-social behaviour. This will include djing sessions, breakdancing and other proven activities and techniques to engage young people.

💛 Men’s mental health project, using the gift of our grounds in a gardening project.

💚 The start of monthly Saturday drop ins to reduce loneliness where we provide free food, activities and company. We Will have key agencies joining us to ensure people were able to get the best advice from the right people.

It was important to us that in the current cost of living crisis, we were able to provide a friendly place where anyone could simply pop in, have a chat and get some support. We will run more of these themed events over the coming year.

We are truly honoured and grateful to have been voted by the other local worthy causes in attendance last night, to win the funding. Out of 500 people and 30 Community Groups present it really does mean the world to us.

This will really help us achieve one of our ambitions, and what is really apparent is the amazing support available in St Helens for various needs.

Please tag yourself if you were in attendance last night so we can share the wonderful work you all do!

Merseyside Police

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