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Busy Doing Nothing!!

Well I slept in today until 08:00 as my little old body was worn out after our fabulous community day yesterday 😴😴😴😴😴😴

Portico Vine hosted the Knowsley Schools Mini Rugby Tournament.

David Sweeney who is the sports coordinator for Knowsley Schools contacted us via Anthony Phillips from Malvern school and asked us would we consider and be interested in hosting their tournament for children who have never played rugby before we immediately said YES as this is a clear way into all the schools within the Knowsley area and potentially creating a bigger catchment area for Portico Vine.

When we first made contact with Anthony Phillips & Tony James the headmaster of Malvern school both the chairman and I saw greater opportunities from this union and already were now befriended by David Sweeney & Knowsley Schools but it gets even better...!

After long discussions and planning the event the decision was taken to invite Saint's Community Foundation Team to get involved and they immediately accepted both Craig Richards & Jenny Welsby signed on to the event bringing their team down to Scholes Lane and assisting our coaches / volunteers on the day and giving over 60+ children four different schools an experience they'd never had before.

Considering these children had never touched a rugby ball before they were amazing and to be really honest the teachers we're blown away by the response and they all unanimously agreed the event was outstanding and praised our volunteers and believe it or not our facilities and as they put it "we have nothing like this to offer our children"

Tony James the headmaster of Malvern school attended yesterday and was beyond impressed and told me how excited he was forging links between Malvern school & Portico Vine already he has offered the use of either outside or indoor gym facilities to Portico Vine to train over the winter periods.

Craig Richards from Saint's who Sean Furlong our club secretary and myself have worked with for many years as volunteers on the Saint's community foundation team took me one side yesterday and absolutely commended me for what he saw as an outstanding event now he's delivered thousands of these days so I took that as a massive compliment.

My immediate response was to talk about all our volunteers who always give up their time and inconvenience their own lives and families to assist our lovely club, Craig's response was "that's exactly what I mean Billy your so lucky this is truly a fabulous community club.

Craig then went on to tell me about Saint's hosting tournaments for the academy lads between Saint's Wigan Warrington Leigh Widnes & Salford.

And he said "I want to host the next saints one here at Portico Vine" OMG that's incredible.

He said you can charge an entrance fee on the gate and sell food and drink as your new clubhouse will be ready by the time Saint's arrange the fixtures next year.


I won't let anyone tell me that positive networking doesn't work.

It all started with one WhatsApp message with Anthony Phillips from Malvern school then a meeting with Tony the headmaster who then introduced us to David Sweeney the Knowsley Schools Sports Coordinator.

We introduced introduced both Malvern school & Knowsley Schools to Saint's who now want to host an academy tournament at Portico Vine.

We MUST be doing something right 🤔

Billy Vaughan Vice Chairman

The Captain 💚💛xxxxx


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