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Volunteers' Week 2023 💛💚

The Child Welfare Team at Portico Vine ARLFC: Fostering a Safe and Supportive Environment for Young Players

💚Portico Vine ARLFC is not only dedicated to the development of young athletes but also places a strong emphasis on the well-being and safety of its junior members. At the heart of this commitment is the Child Welfare Team, a group of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the club provides a safe and supportive environment for all young players.

💛 Child welfare is of utmost importance in any sports club, and Portico Vine ARLFC recognises this significance. The Child Welfare Team aims to create an environment where young players can thrive both on and off the field, while ensuring their safety, well-being, and protection from harm.

💚 The Child Welfare Team at Portico Vine ARLFC consists of trained and dedicated individuals who are responsible for implementing and overseeing the club's safeguarding policies and procedures. Their roles include:

a. Promoting Awareness: The team raises awareness among players, coaches, parents, and club staff about child welfare policies, codes of conduct, and reporting mechanisms.

b. Conducting Risk Assessments: Regular risk assessments are conducted to identify potential risks or hazards and implement necessary measures to mitigate them.

c. Training and Education: The team provides training sessions and educational programs on child protection, recognising signs of abuse, and responding to concerns appropriately.

d. Maintaining Safeguarding Policies: They review and update safeguarding policies in line with best practices and regulatory guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance.

e. Handling Concerns: The Child Welfare Team handles any concerns or disclosures related to child welfare, following established protocols to address them promptly and sensitively.

💚The Child Welfare Team collaborates closely with coaches, parents, and other stakeholders to foster a collective commitment to child welfare. By establishing open lines of communication and encouraging reporting of concerns, they create a safe and supportive network for children within the club.

💛 The Child Welfare Team implements various safeguarding measures to protect young players. These may include enhanced background checks for coaches and volunteers, secure facilities, clear codes of conduct, and appropriate supervision during training sessions and matches.

💚Beyond safeguarding, the Child Welfare Team also plays a role in promoting positive youth development at Portico Vine ARLFC. They encourage fair play, respect, inclusivity, and personal growth, fostering an environment where young players can develop their skills, build self-confidence, and forge lifelong friendships.

💛Child welfare is an ongoing commitment, and the Child Welfare Team at Portico Vine ARLFC recognises the need for continuous improvement. They regularly update their knowledge and skills through training programs, staying informed about the latest safeguarding practices and legislation.

💚The Child Welfare Team at Portico Vine ARLFC plays a pivotal role in creating a safe and nurturing environment for young players. Their dedication to child welfare, comprehensive policies, and collaborative approach ensure that the club remains a place where children can thrive both athletically and emotionally. Through their tireless efforts, the Child Welfare Team upholds the values of Portico Vine ARLFC and prioritises the well-being and protection of every young player, fostering an inclusive and supportive community within the club.

Thank you to our four ladies who form the Child Welfare Team 💛💚


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