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Volunteers' Week 2023💛💚

Diane Rotherham - Nurturing a Welcoming and Vibrant Atmosphere as Clubhouse Manager at Portico Vine ARLFC

We are grateful to have a new clubhouse that is a vibrant hub of activity and community.

At Portico Vine ARLFC, Diane Rotherham assumes the crucial role of Clubhouse Manager, creating a welcoming environment where players, supporters, and visitors feel at home. With her exceptional organisational skills, warm personality, and attention to detail, Diane plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the club.

💚Diane Rotherham takes pride in creating a warm and welcoming environment at Portico Vine ARLFC. As the Clubhouse Manager, she ensures that everyone who enters the clubhouse feels embraced and valued. Diane's friendly demeanor, approachability, and genuine care for others, foster a sense of belonging, making the clubhouse a home away from home for players, supporters, and visitors alike.

💛The efficient management of the clubhouse is a critical aspect of Diane's role. She meticulously oversees the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the clubhouse runs smoothly and efficiently. From managing staffing, coordinating food for players on match days, maintaining inventory to overseeing hygiene and cleanliness, Diane's attention to detail ensures that the clubhouse remains a well-functioning and attractive space for all.

💛The clubhouse serves as the heart of a sports club, and Diane plays a significant role in nurturing team spirit and camaraderie among players and supporters. She creates an inclusive space where individuals from all backgrounds feel comfortable and encouraged to come together, share stories, and build relationships. Diane's efforts in cultivating a supportive and friendly atmosphere contribute to a strong sense of unity within Portico Vine ARLFC.

💚Diane Rotherham's exceptional organisational skills, warm personality, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to Portico Vine ARLFC as Clubhouse Manager. Diane's efficient management, community engagement, and coordination of sponsorships contribute to the club's success on and off the field. Through her role, she truly embodies the spirit of hospitality, inclusivity, and community that defines Portico Vine ARLFC's clubhouse experience.

💛 In addition to the above, our Lady Di does a great job of ensuring our bar and kitchen is well stocked and supports the club with ordering of kits.

Thank you Lady Di 💚💛


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