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Good Morning all,

Hope this message finds you and your families well.

On Saturday 20th May 2023, the club are hosting a fantastic family fun day to celebrate the new clubhouse turning 1!!! Where has that time gone?

The Events planning team have been working tirelessly in between their own family time and work commitments to ensure this is a day to remember for our children, our families, our supporters and the wider community.

As you can imagine - this is no easy task but we are so lucky to have such a dedicated team working everyday to ensure it’s yet another unforgettable occasion.

For those who attended the Grand Opening - I’m sure you relive those memories. We are looking to re-create that day when we all came together to celebrate everything that is great and special about Portico Vine.

It is not lost on me just how much you already give to our club be it a coach, a team manager, a first aider, a taxi driver, an avid spectator, a sponsor, a fundraiser or social media follower.

This is the important bit - despite all the amazing work completed to date, we are short on volunteers to make the day that bit more special. If you can offer any of your time to help make this another day to remember, please can you let us know by either sending us a message, comment below or email so we can feed your kind offer into the Events team.

Exact details can be sent upon request but I appeal to every member of our club to come together on this historic occasion.

Thank you 💚💛



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