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Up at 06:00 this morning as I couldn't sleep with excitement but the Rotherham's beat me to the clubhouse...!

Sean and I believe Anthony and Lady Di are now sleeping in Tommy's lounge 😴😴

Thank you to Colly for all his help on Scholes Lane with all the traffic cones because that worked fantasticly as everyone parked on the fields.

Thanks to Kieran for marshaling the car park without him there would have been mayhem.

All the Covid-19 forms & temperatures were completed.

Every child queued up patiently for their Covid-19 tests every single one of them was polite and respectful towards myself and I'm proud of them.

The coaches were nervous I see that and I can understand why because we've waited nearly a year for this day we all tried to assist the coaches as best as we could to give them a good start to return to play and I think we all our bit.

Parents gaurdians & siblings conducted themselves brilliantly we all have given it our best shot for the greatest kids in the world.

" Were back" and were playing rugby we're doing what we do best putting smiles on kids faces the score doesn't matter but the kids happiness does, smiles and laughter was plentiful and our kids are back where they belong and never forget this...!

"Every child has the right to shine regardless of their ability"

One Team One Dream

The Captain

Billy Vaughan- Vice Chairman 💚💛xxxxx


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